Single Post 1000kg Mower & UTV Service Hoist

Overview | Download Brochure | $3,795 (inc GST)


The LK-M/UTV single post Lawnmower & UTV Service Hoist is a 1000kg capacity lift engineered for servicing virtually any type and size of ride-on mower, light tractor, golf cart, UTV’s and even light cars.

An open platform and open sides allow for quick and easy access from all angles, and with a 1950mm lifting height you won’t be bending your back. Adjustable drive on ramps and platforms accommodates a variety of vehicles.

The electro-hydraulic power unit and manual operation safety lock release is easy to operate to give reliability and safety in a busy commercial workshop.


  • Universal – designed to work with most sizes of mowers, light tractors, golf carts and UTV’s
  • High Lift – up to 1950mm clearance gives full height serviceability to the underside of the vehicle
  • Accessibility – open platforms and sides allow full access from all angles
  • Versatility – removable drive on ramps and adjustable width platforms up to 1.70m wheel span
  • Three Directional Drive On – guardrails can be easily removed when driving on (advisable to drive on from the sides)



Golf Carts

pic 4

Small Tractors

pic 3


Ride on Mowers


24V Safety Control Box

Lifting Platform Locking System

Ramp & Wheel Stops

Manual Lock Release

Multiple Mechanical Locks

Extra Wide Lift Platforms