Lift King BC-4P 4-Post Portable Boat & Caravan Parker

Overview | Download Brochure | $4,500.00 (inc GST)



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Extra wide for your boat or caravan


The Lift King BC-4P Boat and Caravan Parker is a 4.0T portable 4-post hoist with the extra width between platforms to accommodate a boat or caravan either parked below or sitting above the runways.


This hoist comes standard with the superior build and all the quality features of our up- market 4-post hoists like…


- Latest 3rd generation ‘wrap-around’ carriage design and full box section posts for added stability

- Castor kit for portability, move it anywhere with confidence

- Thicker gauge steel and cables

- Light weight aluminium drive-on ramps

- Extra lift height

- Extra platform length

- Extra width with adjustable slave platform to fit most size wheel bases

- Simple but reliable single point manual safety release lock system

- International CE Certification

- Two tone powder coated finish with diamond plate design


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- Lifting capacity: 4.0T
- Lifting height (clearance under platform): 2098mm
- Width clearance between posts (above platform): 3096mm
- Width clearance between posts (below platform): 3200mm
- Platform length: 4865mm
- Overall length / with drive-on ramps: 5154mm / 5940mm
- Post height: 2614mm
- Outside width between platforms: 2222mm (position 1)
-Outside width between platforms : 2730mm (position 2)
- Platform width: 475mm
- Lifting time: 45 seconds
- Gross weight: 1035kg

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Boat & Caravan 4-Post Parker Hoist Image 01